7 Simple Steps to Acing Your GCSE Physics Exams


Hi, I'm Sally Weatherly and I've been a physics teacher since 2004.

Around 5 years ago I started teaching online and since then I've helped thousands of students worldwide to maximise their marks in their physics exams.

Back in 2018, I launched a free study guide for 6th form students. It was designed to debunk the myth that 'Physics is Hard'. I detailed 7 simple strategies to use in their individual study to make their study more efficient, effective and to improve confidence in physics exams.

The feedback on this guide has been INSANE!

One of the most common pieces of feedback is, "I wish I'd known this when I was doing GCSE!"

So.... I've created a GCSE guide.

You can read it below (or download your copy below too!)

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This guide is basically 7 simple steps to ACING your GCSE Physics Exams.

You'll find that GCSE Physics is not a dark art and it's not just for super brainy people.

GCSE Physics is for people who are able to organise their study and study strategically. 

By following my advice, you'll cut out all of the nonsense and streamline your revision - you'll know exactly

  • what to do,
  • what to write down,
  • what questions to practice; and
  • when to do it.


Look no further - read the guide below and start working towards those amazing grades that you deserve.


Get Your Downloadable Copy Here

Hope this helps!


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