A Day In The Life Of Sally Weatherly

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Sally Weatherly has been working online helping people with IB Physics since 2013, but what does she really do all day?

Let's be honest, she's a married 42 year old woman with 2 kids, she's never going to be a lifestyle 'influencer'. You're not going to find her lounging by the pool in a hot country, tagging products on her instagram account. However, she's happy and she leads a nice, normal life in Edinburgh. You might be interested about how GradePod is run and the person who made it happen

In this 13 minute video, you can follow Sally as she:

  • Gets an early start and shows you a very famous Scottish landmark
  • Gives you a "behind the scenes" view of her other, less glamorous, job
  • Sits down at her desk and records personal 'help' videos to students all over the world
  • Realises how distinctly unglamorous her life is (around 11am)
  • Records tutorials for students inside her online course
  • Decorates her office and discusses how old and boring she is
  • Heads to the Post Office to pay the fine for a terrible thing she did
  • Collects her kids from school
  • Warns you of the very real danger of having curly hair in Scotland
  • Explains how very blessed she feels to be have the career she has (and it's all because of you!)

In this video, sally mentions the following ways she helps IB Physics students. You'd be welcome to participate in any of these:

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Finally.... Sally has started a GradePod instagram account!

There's only 54 followers...

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