How to cope with failing IB Physics by adopting these 3 mindsets

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One thing that is not often talked about is the mindset of a physicist.

It's really difficult to pull yourself away from perceived failure in IB Physics. You may have just completed your first class test and your grades are waaaaay lower than usual. You may just find the pace of learning extremely fats. It's easy to fall into the trap of feeling like a failure in IB Physics.

What is often not discussed in class is the mindset of a successful IB physics student. If you can adopt the mindset, you can move yourself away from feeling like a failure.

It's not easy, but you have to work towards polishing your mindset to that of a physics student and there are three aspects of your personality I think you should really harness.

Mindset #1 is to be a problem solver

You really have to enjoy problem-solving. It's not scary. It's not difficult. You WILL make mistakes, but you have to enjoy the challenge of solving problems.

Mindset #2 is to be resilient

Things are going to happen. Mistakes are going to be made. In some class tests you may even get rubbish marks but you have to be resilient. Pick yourself back up and get on with it.

Mindset #3 is you have to be an independent learner

You have to take control of your learning and take responsibility for your learning. I know you have a teacher and you can expect help and guidance from them. You also have me to help! But… YOU have to be responsible for your improvement.

So that's the three aspects of your personality I think you should embrace to improve your IB Physics grade; a problem solver, resilient and an independent learner.

Go off and be that person and have a great day!



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