IB Physics: November 2020 Exam Feedback

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I'm in the process of collating lots of feedback on how the November 2020 IB Physics exams were received....

Some preliminary feedback in the video above, but I'd love to have a more comprehensive document to help future students who try this as a past paper in preparation for their exams.

If you sat the November 2020 IB Physics exam, email me on [email protected] and let me know what you thought.

IB Physics Nov 2020: Paper 1 exam

  • Generally considered to be harder than paper 2
  • Almost of difficulty level of Nov 2018, where grade boundaries were lower
  • Lots of multiple calculations required, which felt tough for the sake of 1 mark (and 1.5 minutes of your time)
  • The questions on Topic 5: Electricity and Magnetism were particularly difficult.

IB Physics Nov 2020: Paper 2 exam

  • Felt to be slightly easier than paper 1.
  • However, some questions looked easy and got significantly harder as they progressed.
  • The question about the drone provoked confusion. Lots of students wondering if the equation P=Fv was suitable.
  • The question about the rotating carnival ride was tricky too, although most student felt that their free body force diagrams were correct, with friction upwards, weight downwards and normal force inwards....


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