Is it too late to write IB Physics revision notes? My exams are soon....

ib physics revision notes

Here's how you write super speedy IB Physics revision notes that are useful to you.

You only focus on weaknesses.

So what you need to do is you need to get a list of learning objectives for each topic. We'll use the example of Topic 2: Mechanics.

You can see some example learning objectives above. 

These are the learning objectives from my course, Ace Your IB Physics Exams

  1. Instructions
    If you completely understand solving projectile motion questions, you can tick that learning objective.
  2. If you struggle with sketching and interpreting force distance graphs and forced time graphs, you put a cross on that learning objective.
    1. Go to your revision note template, which you can download here.         
  3. You would include only force distance graphs and in your revision notes
  4. You would draw it into common diagrams and you'd annotate it.

The idea is that your revision note template for Mechanics only contains the stuff you didn't previously know.

You're not wasting your energy on stuff you already know 

How to plan writing revision notes into your study timetable

If you have a study timetable, I suggest you take one study session and follow this method to make sure that you have usable revision notes for each topic in IB Physics.


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