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Improve your GCSE Physics Exam Technique by 100%

If you struggle to solve physics problems in your homework or tests, let Sally teach you some simple techniques that will improve your grades almost instantly.


This free video series is designed to last over 5 days, each day with a short video tutorial and short task. Over 2500+ GCSE Physics students took this course in 2020 and the feedback has been amazing!

Sally has helped students all over the world to improve their exam success

Maria Testimonial

Maria (Parent)

"I just don't know how to say thank you to you Sally. You make physics simple and fun. Thanks to you, Matylda has made great improvements in her understanding of physics. Thank you again for inspiring!"


Chris Testimonial

Sumant (Physics Teacher!)

"Thank you so much! I have found it invaluable. You are an amazing teacher and I see the incredible value you bring to your students. I foresee more people benefitting from this course."



Meet Sally

My method of breaking down the trickiest of concepts in to a “step-by-step’ guide means that you will never be shocked by the level of difficulty in Physics again. Even the most insecure of students can bypass overwhelm and self-doubt, and instead generate confidence as they move closer to acing those Physics exams!

I know that I’m good at this and I teach what I know. Simple.


What about results?

While we can’t guarantee your individual results (no one can, but you!), we promise you will receive:

  • the best information,
  • the best system for studying GCSE Physics,
  • the best support, and
  • incredible inspiration for tackling your GCSE Physics exams.

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