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The Netflix Generation

We don’t watch television in the same way we used to, and nor do our children revise or look up information in the same way. Our online home learning courses have been planned, recorded and delivered with that in mind. Students can revise at their own pace, repeating topics they find challenging, and on whatever device they choose – PC, tablet or mobile phone.

We have an app containing the complete online course - ready for them to study on the go.

Every student will also receive a hard copy workbook containing every single learning objective (i.e. formulae, equations etc) that they need to know and can use video ask to ask Sally and physics question any time - our tutorials are online, but we're totally interactive!

Syllabus Specific

We have analysed the AQA Physics GCSE and IB Physics exams and focussed our tutorials to ensure that the most heavily examined topics and styles of questions are highlighted to students.

In GCSE, at the moment, we have complete coverage of the  AQA GCSE Physics specification, which is sat by over 80% of GCSE Physics students in England and Wales.

We plan to roll out for all the GCSE exam boards (VERY SOON - WATCH THIS SPACE!) - we believe it is important to be syllabus specific as, while the content will be largely similar across exam boards, differences in terminology and style of questions mean that the detail is important.

We have complete coverage of the IB Physics syllabus.

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The GradePod Online Tutorials

Both the IB and GCSE Physics home learning courses cover the whole syllabus via two 40 - 50 minute videos for each topic. In addition, for each topic, Sally goes through exam-style questions – we believe that not only doing exam-style questions, but having how to answer the questions explained by way of tutorial, is key to being armed and ready to walk into those exams.

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Support for Your Child

Sally is a real person and an influential and inspiring physics tutor. She still works as a teacher and private tutor as well as having being Head of Physics at Fettes College, the “Eton of the North”.

Although our online revision course is pre-recorded, Sally is available for questions and engages with all of our students.

In addition, we will send to every student a revision workbook. This includes every single syllabus learning objectives listed by topic – by which we mean all the formulae students need to memorise, all the definitions with which they need to be familiar, and the concepts that students may need to explain. In addition, this workbook includes revision notes templates and tips on how to study effectively and make use of our past paper tutorials to the best effect.

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The Future

You may be considering a private tutor, and there are some good ones out there. However, there are also many who aren’t syllabus specific, aren’t teaching and more, are not specialist physicists and won’t provide the focussed revision (and coverage of learning objectives) that we do.

We believe that there is no competition between one hour a week at the kitchen table and being able to watch our videos whenever and wherever students want (and however many times is needed).

 We look forward to working with your child!

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GradePod are committed to improving the accessibility of STEM education. We have a limited number of scholarship places for our course. If you are interested in finding out more, please email us at [email protected].


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