Free IB Physics Masterclass

7 Simple Steps to Achieving a 7 In IB Physics

It is genuinely the the most useful and information-filled IB physics lesson you will ever attend!

It's one hour long and you have the opportunity to ask questions throughout.  (You'll get free revision resources too!)

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Here's what previous students have said....

Smriti (IB Student)

"I just finished your physics Masterclass and I must admit - I loved it. You are truly a wonderful person and your efforts for putting things like this together are unpriceable!
Thank you for taking the effort to help students like me." 😊

Maja (IB Teacher)

"I had a chance to join your masterclass and I honestly loved it. I found the advice you gave very useful. I hope that your tips will help me and my students achieve our goals.
Thanks for everything you are doing and for caring."

Firangiz (IB Student)

"I honestly feel much more motivated and encouraged now than ever. I will follow the exact step-by-step instructions you have given in the masterclass. This 1 hour 15 minute masterclass was wonderful.
Thank you for this opportunity :)"


What we’ll cover in this 60 minute Masterclass...

  • How to avoid studying too hard by knowing which IB Physics topics are most heavily examined

  • Learn from these other student’s mistakes​​​​​​​ in IB Physics

  • The new way to approach each IB Physics topic​​​​​​​

  • The EXACT structure you should follow when completing your IB Physics IA

  • Practice exam questions - where and why?​​​​​​​

  • How to guarantee an extra 9-11% in your final IB Physics mark​​​​​​​

  • Where to get more personalised help from Sally Weatherly