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Find out how the #1 IB Physics Revision Course is helping other students to maximise their marks.

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Maria Testimonial

Maria (IB Parent)

“I just don’t know how to say thank you to you. First of all you are a good person who truly cares about her students. Ace Your IB Physics Exams make physics simple and fun, I have to tell you that myself enjoyed watching your videos. I see that thanks to you Matylda has made great improvement in understanding of the concepts of physics. Thank you Sally for inspiring!

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Emma Testimonial

Emma (IB Student)

“Thank you for Ace Your IB Physics Exams! I use your course and follow your advice and I’m currently getting 7’s on my physics tests! Thank you so much – I have no regrets about joining your course”

Aya Testimonial

Aya (IB Student)

“In my mock exams – I got a 6 and my teacher was so surprised! I honestly feel confident that I can get a 7 using Ace Your IB Physics Exams. Thank you so much!”

Vedant Testimonial

Vedant (IB Student)

“Hey Sally! Thanks a LOT! The video tutorials in Ace Your IB Physics Exams are really, really great! The IA videos are helping me a lot too. Thanks!”

Emma Testimonial

Osama (IB Student)

“I have just seen the video tutorial for Topic 5 in Ace Your IB Physics Exams, guess what??? I finally understood everything in this sub-topic 😍. Thanks a lot!”

Aya Testimonial

Sumant (IB Teacher)

“Thank you so much for Ace Your IB Physics Exams. I have found it invaluable. You are an amazing teacher and I see the incredible value you bring to your students. I foresee more people benefitting from this course.”

Vedant Testimonial

Mary (IB Student)

“I’m studying IB Physics on my own (no teacher!) and I know that Ace Your IB Physics Exams is always available in case I get stuck. A HUGE thanks to you Sally – you really boosted my confidence in IB Physics 😊”

Emma Testimonial

Fatuma (IB Student)

“I retook my Mechanics Paper (after failing it last month….) and I got a 6, which is FANTASTIC! My teacher couldn’t believe it! All thanks to Ace Your IB Physics Exams. I now have confidence that I will do better in my real exams.”

Aya Testimonial

Ngerlich (IB Student)

“Thank you so much! I have understood so much more since joining Ace Your IB Physics Exams and have already completed all of the practise questions. It has been such a great help.”

Vedant Testimonial

Evelyn (IB Student)

“ALREADY these videos have helped me better visualise the concepts that we learn in class. I am so grateful that Ace Your IB Physics Exams exists, and I had to beg my mom to pay for it. It was totally worth it.”


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Aya started Ace Your IB Physics Exams a few months before her final IB Physics exams. I caught up with her after a few weeks into the course for a detailed chat

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