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Your child can have a world-leading professional as a physics tutor, for a fraction of the cost


How has exam revision changed?

Technology enables your child to have opportunities and skills that simply didn't exist 20 years ago. GradePod recognises the skills needed to succeed in a modern world and guides students through a more efficient and effective way to study.

What effect does this have on your child?

Better grades in physics exams, targeted revision, confident problem-solvers and lots of teenagers ready to face the modern world!

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When YOU were a child... 

You prepared for exams using textbooks and a book of past papers from your local bookshop 💤

Your child doesn't...

Online learning means that your child will use video tuition, electronic notes and interactive apps to further their learning. Their future workplace will be the same. ✅

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When YOU were a child...

You had access to one subject teacher and you could ask them a question ONLY in class! 😟

Your child doesn't...

Global communication methods means that your child can access the world's education professionals at the other side of the world and have their questions answered 24/7 🙌

GradePod offers tailored online revision courses created and delivered by Sally Weatherly, enabling your child to revise more efficiently and effectively towards their GCSE and IB Physics exams AND learn modern study skills for university and beyond.

IB Physics Revision
GCSE Physics (AQA) Revision
iGCSE Physics Revision

Meet GradePod's Online Tutor
Sally Weatherly

Sally Weatherly has been teaching IB and GCSE Physics since 2004 - online since 2014. She is an established author, teacher and mentor. Sally holds many positions of responsibility in worldwide physics education.

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What EXACTLY are GradePod Revision Courses?

In simple terms, they are proven step-by-step programs that maximise your child's marks in IB and GCSE Physics.

GradePod's revision courses offer efficient, effective, no stress coverage of IB and GCSE Physics taught by a physics teaching expert, available 24/7 with our exclusive app and hardcopy workbook.

Picture it like the Netflix of physics tuition - but much better...

  • Targeted video tutorials
  • Full exam technique preparation
  • Question banks with full video / worked solutions
  • 24/7 access to Sally using our unique VideoAsk technology
  • Hardcopy workbook through the post
  • Personalised learning plan to direct strategic learning
  • Closed Community Forum to share wins and worries with other students
  • Smartphone App to learn on the go. No wifi or laptop needed. Just 4G and a phone.

Sally will motivate, inspire and coach your child throughout IB  and GCSE Physics, helping them to achieve their potential and boosting them in your final exams.

It is the 🥇gold standard 🥇of distance online learning: including interactive features and good old-fashioned written notes to blend your child's love of learning online with their need to pass an "old-fashioned" exam! 

OK - What About Results?

While we can’t guarantee your individual results (no one can, but you!), we promise that we have proven success with former students and you will receive full and instant access to:

  • the best information,
  • the best system for studying IB Physics,
  • the best support, and
  • incredible inspiration for tackling your IB Physics exams.

GradePod Online Revision Courses

What are the other options to support my child?

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