Why You Should Throw All Your IB Physics Class Notes In The Bin!

Episode #2


This may come as a bit of a surprise.... but I think you should throw all your physics notes in the bin. Now. Before your exams.

If you are being honest with yourself, are your class notes organised, useful and structured? Do they contain all the vital information you need to memorise before the exams? 


Are your class notes made up of lots of different piles of 'stuff'? Maybe come calculation answers on some pages, some random class notes on other pages, some is marked by your teacher, some isn't.....?

Honestly. Throw it all in the bin and I'll show you how to get organised.

I'll show you how to get EVERYTHING you need to know condensed into two sides of A4 paper.

Sound good?

In this podcast, I’ll share how EXACTLY to condense every IB Physics topic into one piece of paper. I'll also explain why you should do it. Listen closely because this advice might revolutionise the way you study ALL of your IB subjects.

So grab your headphones and click to listen — just wait until you see what’s possible!

Here’s a glance at this episode…

[00:56] Why my birthday has been ruined since I was 17

[02:16] Why I answered in French for many of my final physics exams questions in high school

[03:33] The 'know-it-all' who I disliked at school but changed the way I study FOREVER!

[02:27] Unlock your passion for problem-solving

[04:30] How condensing my notes into 2 sides of A4 completely changed my academic study

[06:25] WHY you should NOT use pre-written revision notes (or somebody else's)

[08:26] HOW exactly to write these condensed notes (FREEBIE INCLUDED!)

[15:48]  Am I the Maria Kondo of class notes? Throw them in the bin (or burn them!)

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