The IB Physics Supernatural Force That Will Make You Believe In Magic!

Episode #3

Do you believe in magic?

I do!

I’ve been teaching the International Baccalaureate (IBDP) Physics specification since 2004 and I believe in magic…. (not sure about ghosts though - they freak me out!)

Today, all you IB Physics students out there - I have the supernatural force that will make you believe in magic too.

I have my magic marking grid

Sound good?

In this podcast, I’ll share how EXACTLY how to use my magic tool to overcome this common problem in IB Physics:


Despite the fact that you understand the material fairly well, you don't seem to be able to apply it thoroughly in exam questions


So grab your headphones and click to listen — just wait until you see what’s possible!

Here’s a glance at this episode…

[00:30] What supernatural forces are at play in IB Physics

[01:19] Why you should focus on improving your problem-solving skills in IB Physics

[02:00] The two main questions I am asked by IB Physics students all over the world

[04:13] My GUARANTEE when using the magic marking grid

[04:42] Where to get your own free copy of the magic marking grid

[05:11] How to use the magic marking grid to improve your scores in IB Physics questions

[12:22] I promise it works BUT, and there is a BUT...