Everything You Need To Know About Topic 2: Mechanics

Episode #6

I like to simplify IB Physics into an easy, step-by-step method.

I start with the most heavily-weighted topic in the final exams and I teach that topic first.

For IB Physics, the most heavily-weighted topic is Topic 2: Mechanics.

I break Topic 2 down further in the most frequently assessed concepts and I concentrate on them first.

My step-by-step strategy is designed to improve my students grades in Mechanics in the most effective and efficient way - and it works!  

Today, I thought it would be useful to share some of the facts that my step-by-step strategy is built upon and I'm going to focus particularly on Topic 2: Mechanics.

In this podcast, I'll discuss:

  • How heavily weighted Mechanics is in the final exams
  • Which Mechanics concepts are most frequently examined
  • Mistakes most students make in Mechanics
  • Which formulae are NOT in the data booklet (memorise these!)
  • Why we need Mechanics in real life anyway!

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