8 Questions To Ask A Potential Physics Tutor To Guarantee Success in Your IB Physics Exams

Episode #7

Are you feeling any of these worries when it comes to IB Physics?

  • You’re falling a little bit behind on the IB Physics course content.
  • You've done a couple of class tests and found that they've not borne the grades you were hoping.
  • You understand the content, it's just that applying that knowledge into exam-style questions is tricky for you
  • You're not really seeing the results you had previously achieved in IGCSE or MYP physics.

If this sounds like you, it's totally natural that you might consider hiring a physics tutor.

In this podcast episode, I'd really like to talk about the questions you should ask a potential physics tutor to make sure you're getting value for money.

Sound good?

So grab your headphones and click to listen

(I'd also recommend grabbing a pen and paper - you are going to want to take notes!)

Here’s a glance at this episode…

[00:09] Reasons you may be considering a physics tutor

[01:30] Why does the Big Bang Theory matter when trying to find a tutor!

[02:13] The most obvious question to ask a potential physics tutor

[05:39] How to check if a physics tutor is legit 

[06:56] The different strategies your tutor might adopt to ensure your success

[09:14] How to manage costs and expectations of your physics tutor

[11:07] What to do to get answers to your questions from your physics tutor between weekly sessions

[12:24]  How has COVID affected tutoring?

[13:41]  The all important Internal Assessment. How should your tutor help you through this vital 20% of your final mark.

[17:34]  I lay out your options and I tell you that I care!

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