Join other Physics Teachers by using GradePod to supplement your teaching in IB and GCSE Physics 

Enhance your student's understanding using our syllabus-specific video tutorials and exam preparation resources.

NOTE: We offer the following specifications: IB Physics, GCSE Physics (AQA) and IGCSE Physics (Edexcel)

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What effect does distance learning have on Physics Teachers?


MORE HOURS: Setting up online resources can take a lot of time

PRACTICALLY IMPOSSIBLE: It's difficult to teach a practical subject online

REDUCED CLASS TIME: Tracking student's progress becomes difficult.

GradePod offers tailored online physics courses created and delivered by Sally Weatherly; reducing time spent by teachers and enabling students to learn more effectively and efficiently in their homes towards their GCSE and IB Physics exams

Self Marking Homework

After watching video tutorials on a topic, students take a multiple-choice quiz, which is automatically marked. The test answers and results are emailed to the teacher.

Writing Reports

Our guided study documents allow your students to assess their own weaknesses and strengths (AMAZING FOR WRITING REPORTS!) and direct students towards the video tutorials that your students need to focus on.

Flipped Classroom

Set out video tutorials as a home study skills before teaching in class. This increases the time you have to address individual issues in class time and give directed problem-solving tasks.

Improved Results

GradePod's revision courses are proven to improve student's results in physics exams. It's simple. GradePod students love the help and guidance offered in these programs.

What EXACTLY are GradePod Online Courses?

In simple terms, they are proven step-by-step programs that maximise your student's marks in IB and GCSE Physics.

GradePod's online courses offer efficient, effective, no stress coverage of IB and GCSE Physics taught by a physics teaching expert, available 24/7 with our exclusive app.

Picture it like the Netflix of physics tuition - but much better...

  • Targeted video tutorials
  • Full exam technique preparation
  • Question banks with full video / worked solutions
  • Personalised learning plan to direct strategic learning
  • Closed Community Forum to share wins and worries with other students
  • Smartphone App to learn on the go. No wifi or laptop needed. Just 4G and a phone.

Sally will motivate, inspire and coach your students in their homes, helping them to achieve their potential and boosting them in their final exams.

It is the 🥇gold standard 🥇of distance online learning: including interactive features and good old-fashioned written notes to blend your student's love of learning online with their need to pass an "old-fashioned" exam! 

OK - What About Results?

While we can’t guarantee individual results (no one can!), we promise that we have proven success with former students and your students will receive full and instant access to:

  • the best information,
  • the best system for studying IB Physics,
  • the best support, and
  • incredible inspiration for tackling your IB Physics exams.

GradePod Online Revision Courses

  • Course subscription required for each specification.
  • Unlimited students on each course subscription.
  • Students MUST be registered in each course using a school email address. Annual subscription.
  • Student enrolments in each reviewed every year.
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