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Preparing for IB Physics exams in May 2025 or later? Download this free PDF and navigate through the IB Physics Scientific Investigation with ease and expertise.

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Why This Free IB Physics Guide is a Must-Have:

  • Expert Coaching 
    Sally Weatherly leverages her experience from teaching literally thousands of IB Physics students since 2004, offering strategies to maximize marks in their investigations.
  • 2025+ Syllabus-Focused Material 
    This guide, in sync with the IB Physics Syllabus 2025, extensively covers topics from selecting your investigation to excelling in home-based experiments, addressing the components of what was previously known as the Internal Assessment (IB Physics IA)
  • Real Students, Real Results
    Hear directly from IB students about the transformative effect this guide has had on their approach and success in the Scientific Investigation.
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Inside 'Unlock IB Physics:
Master the Scientific Investigation (Free Guide)

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Here's what you'll get inside this free guide:

  • Simplifying the Investigation
    Marking criteria, myths debunked, and 100 IA examples.
  • Maximizing Your Score 
    Home experiments, simulations, report crafting, and more.
  • Crucial Report Insights
    Understand the marking criteria for the IB Physics Scientific Investigation (formerly Physics IA) and essential dos and don'ts.
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"Unlock IB Physics: Master the Scientific Investigation" isn't just a guide – it's your key to excelling in one of the most challenging parts of the IB Physics course.

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