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My online courses on GradePod are the most effective and efficient way to ace your IB physics exams. Complete coverage of IB Physics specification - instantly accessible and with proven results.

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I've been teaching IB Physics since 2004. Since then I've been able to help thousands of struggling students to ace their IB Physics exams by simply focussing on one thing: strategic revision.

In this free guide for IB Physics, I'll show you which topics are most heavily weighted in exams. It will help you focus your own study to work on the topics that will gain you the most marks in class tests and exams.

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I'm passionate about debunking the myth that "physics is hard"

I've helped thousands of students worldwide to ace their physics exams and I'd love to help you too. I've spent a great deal of time perfecting the ultimate online course for IB Physics for you.

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GradePod's #1 IB Physics Book on Amazon

IB Physics is a difficult course and exam preparation is more than just learning your equations and attempting a couple of past papers. In this study guide, Sally Weatherly (CEO, GradePod) has devised a 7-step strategic revision plan to ensure you have the tools to approach your IB Physics exams with the confidence that you could not have been more prepared.

These study strategies are tried-and-tested and have been taught to thousands of IB Physics students worldwide.

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Technology is changing our behaviours in every aspect of our lives. You wouldn't visit a travel agent to book a holiday - you'd do it online. You don't necessarily study with a textbook any more - you'd prefer to do that on your phone.

We think GradePod's online revision courses are the modern way to work towards your IB Physics exams!

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Tia Halawi
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"I was getting 4's in class and was really overwhelmed. I used GradePod for a short time. I can't believe that I got a 7!"

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"Honestly I am blessed. The way you teach physics is so comprehensible and easy to understand. I can now solve all problems with ease."

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"I literally went from 3s & 4s (and the worst in my class!) to getting a 7 in my final exams!! THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart"

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