GradePod is proud to display an excellent Trustpilot review score of 4.8, affirming our status as a verified company committed to quality education. Our satisfied customers consistently rate us highly for our comprehensive and effective IB Physics programs, reflecting our dedication to student success and academic excellence.

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Ask our Chief Physics Innovator, Sally Weatherly, any questions, any time. She'll get back to you with a detailed and personalised response. Sally will carry through any doubt until you feel confident and ready to ace your IB Physics exams

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Study Plan Focussing on Your IB Physics Doubts

Upon joining GradePod's TrIBe Physics, connect with Sally Weatherly to craft your tailored IB Physics study plan. With this unique and customised approach, you'll share your struggles and learn your exact steps for success!

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Step-by-Step Guidance on Writing the PERFECT IB Physics Scientific Investigation

This bonus video series helps you write the perfect Physics Scientific Investigation. By the end, you'll have a clear blueprint of what an outstanding report should look like and the exact instructions for writing your own. It's as simple as following Sally's instructions.

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Free IB Physics Resources

Here at GradePod, we're all about sharing the IB Physics love. Download these super helpful free resources for the 2025+ IB Physics specification

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IB Physics Syllabus
Free Checklist

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IB Physics Scientific
Investigation Book

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Tia, a smiling student, shares her success story of using GradePod, expressing joy for achieving a top score of 7 in IB Physics after initially struggling with lower grades.

Tia Halawi
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"I literally went from 3s & 4s (and the worst in my class!) to getting a 7 in my final exams!! THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart"

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GradePod is proud to display an excellent Trustpilot review score of 4.8, affirming our status as a verified company committed to quality education. Our satisfied customers consistently rate us highly for our comprehensive and effective IB Physics programs, reflecting our dedication to student success and academic excellence.

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IB Physics IA Structure