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I'm passionate about debunking the myth that "physics is hard"

I've helped thousands of students worldwide to ace their physics exams and I'd love to help you too. I've spent a great deal of time perfecting the ultimate online courses for Physics for you.

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Tia Halawi
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"I was getting 4's in class and was really overwhelmed. I used GradePod for a short time. I can't believe that I got a 7!"

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"Your GCSE course has helped me so so so so so much over the last few months, I’m doing great in GCSE Physics so far!! All 9s on my tests ðŸ˜ƒ"

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Irene Mahanyu
IB Student

"I literally went from 3s & 4s (and the worst in my class!) to getting a 7 in my final exams!! THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart"

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Ace Your GCSE Physics Exams

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Technology is changing our behaviours in every aspect of our lives. You wouldn't visit a travel agent to book a holiday - you'd do it online. You don't necessarily study with a textbook any more - you'd prefer to do that on your phone.

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