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IB Physics Teacher | Author | Geek 🤓

GradePod is delighted to have Sally Weatherly as our full-time resident IB Physics Teacher. Once enrolled in TrIBe Physics, Sally will personally answer all your doubts in one click of a button.

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Why Sally? We've used our 'about' page to show you why we trust Sally with your IB Physics education...

I'm passionate about debunking the myth that "IB Physics is hard"

I've helped thousands of students worldwide to ace their physics exams and I'd love to help you too. Inside TrIBe Physics, I'll lead you step-by-step through the IB Physics course, help you ace your physics exams and teach you how to produce outstanding coursework.

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I've written top-rated books on IB Physics

For a long time, I wanted to combine all my top tips on how to be strategic in your IB Physics revision and writing a book felt like a great way for those who couldn't afford to join me in my courses to learn some of my thought processes around how I plan revision for students inside my courses.

I'm super proud to have the book achieve #1 Hot New Release in Secondary Education and the reviews are insane...!

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Fabulous resource for the IB Physics student or teacher!

Great suggestions for success with revision and exam technique. Very easy to read whether from start to finish or as a dip in and out reference book. Thanks Sally!

Heather Thexton
IB Physics Teacher

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I’m not surprised that this book is also really good!

The book leads students through some sensible techniques that will genuinely improve the quality of their IB Physics revision.

Cheryl Linton
Physics Teacher

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Sally Weatherly is an outstanding educator in IB Physics

One of the best books ever written to guide students and build their confidence on the path to great results in IB physics

Caloway Kaggan
Physics Teacher

I geek out on everything physics-related 🤓

I graduated in Astrophysics from the University of Edinburgh in 2001, before attaining a PGCE at King’s College London in 2004.

I've been teaching IB Physics for 20 years... (I know I don't look old enough!). I started teaching Physics and was promoted within one year to the position of Head of Physics at Fettes College, an internationally recognised IB World School. I was (and still am!) super proud of the work we achieved there to make physics more accessible and enjoyable for the hundreds of students that came through our doors. Our departmental results went from strength-to-strength and I was thriving in my career. It was that moment that I decided to branch out and become more of a physics geek...

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I've also written some really useful IB Physics articles

These IB Physics Insights are designed to answer the questions that IB Physics students have about this really tricky course. 

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Ultimate IB Physics IA Guide

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How to Study IB Physics for 2025+ Exams

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IB Physics Data Booklet


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IB Physics Syllabus Simplified


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100 IB Physics IA Ideas (2024)