Learning The Correct IB Physics Definitions Will Increase Your Grade by 9-11%

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I’m making it my mission to help every IB Physics student in the world to ace their IB Physics exams!

A really easy way to get extra marks in your IB Physics exams is to learn your definitions.

The definitions need to be precise and they need to be exact. You also need to find ways of making sure those definitions stay in your head.

However if you can learn the right IB Physics definitions, I guarantee it adds between 9 and 11% to the final grade in your IB Physics exam - that’s the difference from a grade 5 to 7!

If you haven’t learnt any definitions and you’re currently sitting on a grade 5 in IB Physics, then learn your definitions – it’s likely to take you up to that 7 you’re hoping for.

I bet you’re wondering where to get this precise and complete list of IB Physics definitions. Well… fear not! GradePod has done all the hard work for you.

You can get your complete list of IB Physics definitions here.

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I also recommend our mini video course, called Drunk on Definitions! 

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Good luck!

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