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Getting to Know the New IB Physics Syllabus: A Guide for Teachers and Students

ib physics syllabus 2025+

Brace yourselves for an exhilarating journey into the realm of the new IB Physics syllabus...

With the first teaching of the new IB physics syllabus 2025, this new twist in the IB's physics narrative is a challenge that will shake up the IB Physics world.

Let's crack the mystery of this new course structure together and understand how it's going to reshape the journey for us teachers and you students.



  1. What's the biggest change in the new IB Physics specification?
  2. How's this New Teaching Style Going to Change the Game for Teachers?
  3. What Surprises Does the New IB Physics Syllabus Hold for Students?
  4. How Can We All Gear Up for This Exciting Transition?


Before we dive in, here's a quick heads up:

We've prepared a Free Learning Objectives Checklist specifically for this new syllabus. Grab it now and let's conquer this new syllabus together!

Download Your Handy New IB Physics Syllabus Guide Learning Objectives Here


What's the biggest change in the new IB Physics specification?


Let me tell you, the new syllabus has shaken things up. It's all about blending concepts, content, and the natural beauty of scientific inquiry. No more A-to-Z learning 😬. It's about fostering that innate curiosity in you, the learners, to create a generation of young people who are hungry to understand and succeed.

The biggest change?

A deep dive into conceptual understanding that'll let you connect the dots between different aspects of physics and tie them into other DP science subjects. Now, we've got five big-picture themes to play with, compared to the eight (or the twelve for HL) standalone topics from the 2014 syllabus.

What's in the New IB Physics Syllabus 2025?

We've got five key themes to unravel:

  1. Space, time and motion
  2. The particulate nature of matter
  3. Wave behaviour
  4. Fields
  5. Nuclear and quantum physics

How did it look before in the Old Syllabus (From 2014)?

There were 8 Topics for SL and another 4 for HL. Plus, you had 4 Options to pick from.

  1. Measurements and uncertainties
  2. Mechanics
  3. Thermal physics
  4. Waves
  5. Electricity and magnetism
  6. Circular motion and gravitation
  7. Atomic, nuclear and particle physics
  8. Energy production
  9. Wave phenomena (HL Only)
  10. Fields (HL Only)
  11. Electromagnetic induction (HL Only)
  12. Quantum and nuclear physics (HL Only)


  1. Relativity
  2. Engineering physics
  3. Imaging
  4. Astrophysics

The new IB Physics syllabus might look simpler, BUT boy, does it feel like a treasure trove of content. Flipping through the IB Physics guide, it feels like an endless journey...

That's why I've crafted a simple checklist to cover everything in this new syllabus.

It's your compass, guiding you through what you need to conquer as we venture through this new course and face the first set of exams in May 2025. Download the checklist here


How's this New Teaching Style Going to Change the Game for IB Physics Teachers?


This change is like a wake-up call for us teachers, bringing about a seismic shift in our teaching style. We'll need to tweak our curriculum planning and instruction methods to nurture this inquiry-based learning, a new hallmark of the IB Physics syllabus. Yes, it might seem like a tall order at first, but it's also a golden ticket to innovate, stretch our teaching muscles, and ignite that spark of interest in you, our students, in a new and captivating way.

I've been in touch with hundreds of IB teachers globally, and I've seen the determination in our ranks. We're all set to put in our best and make sure our students are as prepared as possible.

But let's be real here...

What keeps us tossing and turning at night is the fear of missing out a piece of the syllabus. That's why I painstakingly went through the new IB Physics guide, simplifying it into a list of learning objectives that are as clear as a sunny day.

I highly recommend you download this checklist to keep you on track as you teach this new IB physics curriculum

Download the IB Physics Guide 2025 HERE

Believe me, if we use this as our teaching map, we'll be sure to cover everything our students need to know.


What Surprises Does the New IB Physics Syllabus Hold for IB Physics Students?


Hey, students 👋

I know the absence of past papers for revision might make you feel like lab rats testing out the new syllabus 😬. Feeling a bit jittery is totally okay.

But let's shift our focus to the new opportunities this curriculum offers. No more cramming from past papers. Instead, you'll get to explore the subject in depth, indulging your curiosity and applying a hands-on approach. This non-linear style of learning promotes critical thinking – a skill that's golden in today's fast-paced world.

OK. OK. I know that probably doesn't help. You just want to know what to study for the exam....

That's why I created this free checklist for you.

If it's not in the checklist, it's not in the new IB Physics syllabus (or your IB Physics exams in and after May 2025)

Don't hesitate to grab every bit of help you can find. Even if I have chosen the cheesiest photo of students I could find on the internet 😂

Download your free IB Physics guide for the new syllabus 2025 here

This might seem like a no-brainer, but I want to remind you that this is not just a fresh page for you, the IB students. We teachers are also on the journey to master this new IB Physics syllabus. It's like the tables have turned for us: the topic content has been swapped around AND even the teaching methods have been revamped.

What I’m saying is, let's cut some slack to your teachers as they strive to deliver an exceptional physics education.


How Can Teachers and Students Prepare for the Transition?


For both us teachers and you students, preparation is key.

Teachers, we should familiarize ourselves with the new syllabus, plan, and design lesson plans and activities that gel with the new teaching style.

Students, you should keep an open mind and get ready to engage with the subject matter in a fresh, immersive way.

And remember, change always brings along a bit of a challenge. But, where there's a challenge, there's an opportunity to learn, grow, and outdo ourselves. As teachers, our job isn't just to educate but also to instill the belief that success is achievable, no matter the changes we face.

Are you all set to start this exciting journey with the new IB Physics syllabus?

Download our Free Learning Objectives Checklist and let's embrace this new challenge together, bursting with enthusiasm and confidence! Let's go, team!

Don't forget to download your
FREE IB Physics Syllabus 2025 Checklist

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