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Graphic promoting GradePod's 'How to Study IB Physics,'article featuring a person holding study materials. Text highlights 'The 4-Step Guide to Scoring a 7 in IB Physics for the new IB Physics syllabus 2025' with colorful geometric design elements.

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Graphic promoting the GradePod 'IB Physics Scientific Investigation Guide,' featuring a student holding the guide and smiling. Text highlights 'For students sitting IB Physics exams in 2025 and beyond' with colorful geometric design elements.

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GradePod graphic promoting '100 IB Physics IA Ideas,' featuring examiner feedback on why these ideas can help achieve top marks. Text highlights 'New in 2024' and includes a photo of Sally Weatherly on the right side.

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GradePod graphic promoting the IB Physics Data Booklet for students sitting IB Physics exams in 2025 and beyond. Features a hand holding the booklet and colorful geometric design elements.

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Banner for the IB Physics Syllabus article. It features the text "IB Physics Syllabus" with a subtitle "Access a simplified PDF checklist of learning objectives and expert tips to excel in your IB Physics exams." The image also includes a visual of the checklist and three excited students holding their phones.

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