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Hi! I'm Irene

IB Physics Student

I literally went from 3s & 4s to getting a 7 in my final exams!!

"Thanks to Sally and this fantastic course I was able to achieve a 7 in my IB exams that was majority determined by my IA (May 2020 student 😣). Getting the 7 allowed me to fulfil one of my dreams of studying Architecture at the University of Bath - my first choice! So I am very grateful."

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GradePod Review - Omar


IGCSE Student

I really appreciate your work Sally, it's the best thing ever (it's just perfect). It's well prepared. I'm in loss of words but that's an awesome thing to do for students especially for those who's in need for that kind of help. Thank you a lot for that🌷!!

GradePod Review - Nasim


GCSE Student

Hey Sally, I just wanted to drop a message to say thanks so much for your online GCSE revision course - it's been really helpful!! It goes without saying that everything that I’ve learned from you has been invaluable. Thanks again :)

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Hi! I'm Christine

IB Physics Student 

I got a 7 in IB Physics after genuinely believing that I was going to fail…..

"After enrolling in Ace Your IB Physics Exams, I went from being one of the worst in the class to the best. You made physics much simpler for me. I hated physics and dreaded going to all my physics lessons until I discovered GradePod. It honestly helped me get through my final year of IB physics happy and contented. You truly are an exceptional teacher. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

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Kenneth - GradePod Review

Kenneth Baba

GCSE and IB Teacher

“Your website is making my job much easier and your videos are the best quality on this subject that I have ever found. I am really impressed with their completeness and also all of the  insider details on effective and time efficient preparation for the external exams. ”

Maria - GradePod Review


IB Parent

"I just don't know how to say thank you to you Sally. You make physics simple and fun. Thanks to you, Matylda has made great improvements in her understanding of physics. Thank you again for inspiring!"

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Hi! I'm Tia

IB Physics Student

I was getting 4's in class and was really overwhelmed. I used GradePod for a short time. I can't believe that I got a 7 !

"Ace Your IB Physics Exams has truly taught me different ways to approach questions, make concise revision notes, making revision plans and most importantly how to approach and simplify complicated physics questions. Thank you!"

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Advaita - GradePod Review


IB Student

“I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your consistent support and encouragement. You have made this journey so much more enjoyable and I couldn't imagine it without you. Thank you for being awesome!!!"

Alex - GradePod Review


IB Student

"Ever since I have started your IB Physics course, I have been doing amazingly well and I absolutely love it. Thank you Sally! I was the only one who got a 6 on the Mechanics exam! Your course has been a lifesaver!"


Hi! I'm Elena

IB Physics Student

As you know we have already gotten our official IB grades and I have been awarded a 7 in IB Physics HL

"I really appreciate every email you have replied solving doubts and revising my IA despite the many many questions and favours I asked. THANK YOU! :)"


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Alex - GradePod Review


GCSE Student

“Your GCSE course has helped me so so so so so much over the last few months, I’m doing great in GCSE Physics so far!! All 9s on my tests. :)"

Charel - GradePod Review


GCSE Student

"I really don’t know how to thank you, I am not even sure if words can express my gratitude right now, I feel like the puzzle that is the GCSE Physics exam papers just became easier!"

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Hi! I'm Siddharth

IB Physics Student

I nearly changed from HL to SL Physics and then I found you online…

"Honestly I am blessed. The way you teach physics is so comprehensible and easy to understand. I can now solve all problems with ease."

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