IB Physics Scholarship Programme

Applications are open for our scholarship programme sponsored by the Institute of Physics

This scholarship reduces the cost of our flagship programme Ace Your IB Physics Exams by 70%; making the cost now £150 for Higher Level and £105 for Standard Level IB Physics.

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What You Need To Apply

Reference Letter

Your application should include a reference letter from a trusted adult in your life, who is not directly related to you. Get them to boast about you on your behalf! Ask them to tell Sally how hard you work and how much you deserve to be successful in your aspirations.

What Questions We Will Ask You

#1 IB Physics Challenge

IB Physics is not easy. You wouldn't be on this page if you thought it was! Tell us exactly what you are currently struggling with in IB Physics right now.

Life Aspirations

You have a long and happy life ahead of you after your IB Physics exams. Tell us what your future aspirations are.

Full Information and Instructions HERE!
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Why We Offer Scholarships

I want to give all secondary school students the chance to see themselves as a data scientist, coder or doctor and influence a new industrial era, regardless of their background. The Institute of Physics share my goals of strengthening and diversifying the physics community through the provision of accessible teaching materials and focused methodology.  

Sally Weatherly | GradePod CEO and Founder

Apply Here

We welcome applications from any student worldwide, but ask that you read the information below and follow the instructions carefully before completing the application.

Full information and Instructions HERE!


There is no way to save the application once you've started.

Please make sure you have the answers to these questions before you start:

  1. What is your #1 challenge in IB Physics right now?
  2. What are your aspirations in life?

Please also make sure you have easy access to the following before you start:

  1. The electronic copy (word doc or PDF) of your letter of reference

What EXACTLY is Ace Your IB Physics Exams?

In simple terms, it is a proven step-by-step program that maximises your marks in IB Physics.

It offers efficient, effective, no stress coverage of the complete IB Physics specification taught by a physics teaching expert, available 24/7 with our exclusive app.

Picture it like the Netflix of physics tuition - but much better...

  • 27 hours of pre-recorded, targeted video tutorials for IB Physics, organised by most heavily examined concepts taught first (learn 80% of the exam in 20% of time!)
  • 1,030 exam-style questions (split out by topic) with full video / worked solutions
  • 24/7 access to our unique VideoAsk technology (all questions answered with personalised video from Sally)
  • Hardcopy workbook through the post
  • Personalised learning plan to help you be more strategic in your learning (we direct you to where to revise and when for maximum results!)
  • Closed Community Forum to share you wins and worries with other students
  • Smartphone App to learn on the go. No wifi or laptop needed. Just 4G and a phone.
  • Write the perfect IB Physics Internal Assessment from scratch with full coverage inside the course (100% success rate from previous students using this system)

Sally will motivate, inspire and coach you throughout your IB Physics course, helping you to achieve your potential and boosting you in your final exams.

It is the 🥇gold standard 🥇of distance online learning: including interactive features and good old-fashioned written notes to blend your love of learning online with your need to pass an "old-fashioned" exam! 

OK - What About Results?

While we can’t guarantee individual results (no one can!), we promise that we have proven success with former students and scholarship students will receive full and instant access to:

  • the best information,
  • the best system for studying IB Physics,
  • the best support, and
  • incredible inspiration for tackling your IB Physics exams.

Why GradePod partnered with the Institute of Physics

No young person should feel locked out of physics yet many are put off from studying it. There are no limits to what can be achieved with physics. Both GradePod and the Institute of Physics share the mission of improving diversity and accessibility of physics to secondary school students. We want to build a thriving physics community and play our part in solving the STEM skills shortage by ensuring that people, no matter their background or where they live, have access to world-class physics education and training.

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