If you get these answers in your IB Physics exams - they’re definitely wrong!

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I've been helping IB Physics students to be more strategic about their exam performance since 2004.

I always say to students that nothing is impossible, but actually, in Physics somethings ARE impossible.

If you’re completing a “calculate” question in your IB physics exams and, for example, you get the answer of 4×10^8 m/s, it’s incorrect.  It’s clearly wrong.

Know what’s IMPOSSIBLE to get better marks.

Another example would be if you calculate the refractive index of glass to be n=10.45. That’s clearly incorrect. We know the refractive index of optically active substances tends to be in the region 1<n>2.5.

It’s really important that you understand and have an idea of what is reasonable and conduct a reasonableness check at the end of every “calculate” question.

If I calculate the mass of a car to be 20,000kg, I know the answer is incorrect because I have an understanding that the mass of a car is around about 1000kg. Being able to estimate and evaluate answers like this in your head can help you conduct a reasonable check at the end of your “calculation” questions.

Lots of students make this mistake, they don’t do reasonableness checks and end up losing marks. Don’t be that student!

Don’t make mistakes that can be easily rectified!




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