7 Mistakes Most Students Make in IB Exams


There are two questions that I most commonly get asked about IB Physics Exams:

  1. How can I improve my exam technique to avoid losing unnecessary marks?
  2. What should I revisit the night before the exam?

I’ve got a lot of experience on these two issues from teaching IB Physics students since 2004, BUT I thought I would base this blog post on the FACTS.

So… I spent three days. Three looooong days reading through every examiner report in IB Physics that I could get my hands on. I read through EVERY examiner report published in the last 14 years on all of the IB Physics exams.

Let me assure you – these documents are not an easy read!

I’ve recorded the 7 most common mistakes made and I’ll deep dive into each one during this tutorial.

Hope it helps

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