How To Improve in IB Physics Multiple Choice Questions Quickly!

Episode #5

In this episode, Sally shares the secret the success in multiple choice questions after years of analysis of all the past papers.


From Day 1 of IB Physics, it's likely that you will have to tackle multiple choice questions. Let's face it, they are super easy to mark - so they are a firm favourite when setting homework for teachers!

The irony is... in a multiple choice questions, the answer is right in front of you! So they should be ridiculously easy. BUT THEY ARE NOT.

The other issue is that 20-30% of your FINAL IB Physics grade will be down to your performance in multiple choice questions. So it's important you improve this skill soon.

How would it feel to be so good at multiple choice questions that you knew you had 20-30% of your final grade IN. THE. BAG?

Sound good?

In this podcast, I’ll share a free recommended resources (not GradePod) for practicing multiple choice questions (mapped exactly to IB Physics specification) AND I'll share my easily actionable tips to improving in answering multiple choice questions quickly.

So grab your headphones and click to listen — just wait until you see what’s possible!

(I'd also recommend grabbing a pen and paper - you are going to want to take notes!)

Here’s a glance at this episode…

[00:21] How I let the U15A Lacrosse Team down

[02:25] Why you need to be good at multiple choice questions

[02:57] How 2021 and 2022 IB Physics exams are affected

[04:31] Facts about Paper 1 in IB Physics exams 

[05:50] Why you will DEFINITELY find 50% of multiple choice questions very difficult....

[07:19] Which topics are most heavily examined in IB Physics paper 1 exams

[09:55] The free resource I recommend to practice IB Physics multiple choice questions

[11:42]  My actionable tips and tactics to help you improve when practising multiple choice questions 

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Planet X has mass M and radius R. Planet Y has mass 2M and radius 3R. The gravitational field strength at the surface of planet X is g. What is the gravitational field strength at the surface of planet Y?

A: (2/9)g

B: (2/3)g

C: (3/2)g

D: (9/2)g