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Stress Free IB Physics

Hosted by: Sally Weatherly

Looking at study strategies and tips to make IB Physics as easy and enjoyable as possible (while still getting top marks!)

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5 Tips For IB Physics (Year 1) To Help Overcome That 😱 Feeling…!

Episode #1

Do you ever have that feeling when everything is just WTF? It's tough to keep up with your IB Physics homework and it seems like there are never enough hours in the day. If you don’t think it’s possible to feel...
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Why You Should Throw All Your IB Physics Class Notes In The Bin!

Episode #2

  This may come as a bit of a surprise.... but I think you should throw all your physics notes in the bin. Now. Before your exams. If you are being honest with yourself, are your class notes organised, useful and...
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The IB Physics Supernatural Force That Will Make You Believe In Magic!

Episode #3

Do you believe in magic? I do! I’ve been teaching the International Baccalaureate (IBDP) Physics specification since 2004 and I believe in magic…. (not sure about ghosts though - they freak me out!) Today, all you IB...
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5 Lies That You Have Probably Been Told About Your IB Physics IA

Episode #4

I know I'm old (42 - ancient right?) but I'm also quite geeky. I can while away hours on subreddits and discord servers reading random nonsense. When it comes to nonsense in the IBO subreddits and discord servers - I...
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How To Improve in IB Physics Multiple Choice Questions Quickly!

Episode #5

In this episode, Sally shares the secret the success in multiple choice questions after years of analysis of all the past papers.   From Day 1 of IB Physics, it's likely that you will have to tackle multiple choice...
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Everything You Need To Know About Topic 2: Mechanics

Episode #6

I like to simplify IB Physics into an easy, step-by-step method. I start with the most heavily-weighted topic in the final exams and I teach that topic first. For IB Physics, the most heavily-weighted topic is Topic...
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8 Questions To Ask A Potential Physics Tutor To Guarantee Success in Your IB Physics Exams

Episode #7

Are you feeling any of these worries when it comes to IB Physics? You’re falling a little bit behind on the IB Physics course content. You've done a couple of class tests and found that they've not borne the grades...
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How Realistic Is Getting A 7 In IB Physics?

Episode #8

Let's look at the statistics behind the IB Physics exams and analyse how likely you are to obtain a 7 in IB Physics. Should you even bother aiming for top marks?? I have an unwaivering belief that a 7 is achievable...
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4 Simple Exam Hacks To EASILY Improve Your Grade In IB Physics

Episode #9

PLEASE NOTE: I'm uncomfortable using the word "hack" 😂 However.... I'm just here to tell you what works. These are the 4 essential tweaks every IB Physics student needs to be implementing (but most aren't!) for a...
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How to study LAST MINUTE for a class test of mock exam

Episode #10

How can you make the most of that last day before your exam? What EXACTLY should you do to make sure that you are fully prepared for that mock exam tomorrow - with only one day to prepare? I have an unwaivering belief...
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